How to start an academic essay.The basics.

Present an essay,

These are the 5 key points to present an essay, these are summarized in:

• Respect its general structure: Short title, short introduction where you expose your hypothesis or central idea, a development with quotes, references, statistics or data to support your hypothesis and a recapitulation of the theme through the conclusion.

• Address a topic of interest, as it is crucial to capture the attention of the reader or target audience, the topic must be current and of common use.

• Emphasize a specific point or position because an essay is not the adequate writing to cover all the possibilities and approaches of a topic; For this the monograph is used.

• Use short wording or short phrases, which makes it easier for the reader to maintain their interest and get a better understanding of ideas.

• Be reflective, no matter how much objectivity your essay occupies, it is advisable during the conclusion to offer a reflection and invite the reader to generate their own conjectures.

An academic essay

An academic essay seeks to convince a specific audience about a thesis, position or main idea based on precise arguments, theories, statistics or data.

You can not do an academic essay with mere conjecture or only with your own judgments. You must make an investigative effort to find documents, registers or publications that ratify, support or give truth to your statements.

An initial point of transcendence in your academic essay is to raise your topic, you must present your supposed hypothesis as a statement that you wish to defend.

After all an effort at the research level you establish and develop your arguments, you expose those theories, data, field investigations or expert judgments that will give academic validity to your assumption or position.

Finally, you emit your own conjecture and if necessary your “counterargument” on the hypothesis and arguments offered and you conclude by showing how the set of data and affirmations validate your position.

If you want to know more about how to prepare an academic essay, consult our step-by-step guide.

The parts of an essay are generally not very far from parts of an essay, they are also characterized by the introduction of a development and closure.
In the introduction of an academic essay we are looking for:
• Identify the subject clearly
• Define the attitude, aspect or part of the topic to be addressed
• Raise the hypothesis, position or position to argue
• Cut a little dimension or indicator through which the position will be performed.
• Possible limitations or difficulties in support of the arguments are detailed
During the development of an academic essay:
• Explain methodological procedures to prove the assumption
• Present one for one for the arguments that confirm the thesis or the chosen position
• They use examples that show the truth of the assumptions
• Full coherence is maintained with the defended position or dissertation.
Finally, the conclusion follows:
• Underline how sets of arguments or data validate or ratify the assumed starting position.
• Offer a general consideration on the subject
• Possible new investigations or trials.